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Helping Lake Mary Ascend With Fitness And Better Health

The Sky Is The Limit At Ascend Fitness

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Helping Lake Mary Ascend With Fitness And Better Health


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Wesley Lindner

Great people make people greater. This place continues to challenge me. The structure is perfect and continues to help me push myself....

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Christine Mauriello

As a transformational coach I know physical fitness and the right attitude are crucial to the well-being of our brain function and overall wellness. Jesse is amazing - he is a skilled trainer, persona...

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Drew S. Daly

Jesse is a fantastic trainer, and the group dynamic adds so much more to an energetic, satisfying workout. Definitely a great place to keep on track....

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David Khourshid

Jesse's an excellent trainer - you're guaranteed to work hard and get an excellent workout with him (and trust me, you'll feel it the next day). It's like having a personal trainer in a group setting,...

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Elsie Mendez

Jesse is awesome! I like working out with a group. Keeps me motivated and accountable...

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Sparrowsong Farm

Jesse is super knowledgeable and all around has a really motivating personality. This is so much better than Crossfit! I tried that for a little while and wrecked my knees, shoulder, and back! The Cro...

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Personal Training near Lake Mary

Personal Training

With our personal training program, you'll get access to 100% customized fitness on a flexible schedule. From workouts specifically designed to help you achieve your goals to key nutrition strategies and advice on every aspect of fitness from a dedicated coach, personal training is the most holistic approach to health and wellness.

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Personal Training near Lake Mary

Small Group Training

At Ascend Fitness, we approach small group training differently. Through curated small group workouts and nutrition coaching, we can get you the results you want faster than ever. Train with us in Lake Mary and see for yourself how simple, effective, and fun our small group training methods can be!

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Personal Training near Lake Mary

Health Coaching

Through our health coaching program, you'll get the most out of every workout. Get the protein and energy your body needs to stay fueled, plus get access to educational resources and community support that will make fitness your solution for better health.

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Personal Training near Lake Mary

Virtual Fitness Training

Our Online Fitness training program combines strength gains, cardio exercises, and sustainable weight loss to help you enjoy sustainable success like never before. This program is perfect for all experience levels. Learn more today!

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Achieve Mind & Body Fitness

You don't just have a body, and you're not a robot. You have a heart, a soul, emotions, stress, family, passions, and various habits that help you adapt to what you're experiencing in life. Changing your lifestyle to be healthier is not as simple as following a quick fix diet or exercise plan. In our experience transformation requires a rediscovery and redefining of who you believe you are. Ascend Fitness takes a deep dive into your purpose and identity so that you can stop striving without progress and begin to soar!

Not being free in body and mind to be who you really are is the worst feeling you can face. Ascend Fitness equips you with the tools to change your life from the inside out so you can rise up to your greatest self. We're dedicated to helping our community of Lake Mary take a full lifestyle approach to fitness.

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There's Just 4 Easy Steps on Your Journey With Ascend Fitness.

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    Get in Touch

    Start out with filling out the form you can find just about anywhere on our website! We'll give you a call to go over your goals and find out what's driving you towards them. 

  • Schedule Your First Visit

    Schedule Your First Visit

    We'll sit down with you one-on-one to start your Transformation Session. We start with a consultation about where you're coming from, a fitness assessment to determine your starting point, and a strategy to get you to your vision.

  • Start Your Flight Plan

    Start Your Flight Plan

    The first phase of your training with us, we focus on building your foundation for success with a personalized plan encompassing everything from fitness to nutrition to mindset. You'll also gain access to our Ascend Academy to keep you involved in your training no matter where you go! 

  • Soar


    Your first fitness assessment is not the only one we'll take - after you've progressed through your flight plan, we'll see what improvements you've made! And we keep that progress going with adaptations to your program as you soar through life with more ease.

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