What if you could decrease your stress today. What if tomorrow you could live with less anxious, rapid, and concerned thoughts?

Stress effects so many things: how you feel, how you treat others, how you interpret updates, situations, events.

A major cause of stress in our world is when people feel the pressure of unfinished tasks- the daunting, never ending to-do list looming overhead and pressing downward upon you. No doubt avoiding the responsibility is the easiest response.

If you have a busy life, run a business, have kids, or are engaged in a project, then you know that feeling, where the list is so long that all you want to do is put it off.

There is a strategy that has been called “the vital 5” where you can organize your efforts and reduce that stressful feeling.


The magic of the vital 5 is it works, it increases productivity by increasing effectiveness. It means you have less to stress about because you have less unfinished tasks-you actually make headway. It gets you focused on the real priorities.

How does it work?

When we are stressed it’s very common to avoid the heavier and usually more important tasks. We may stay busy with little tasks but we are not being effective towards our actual goal. The vital 5 is simply a list you make everyday of the absolute most import 3,4, or 5 things you need to do that day.

Doing less to be more productive?

A shorter list may seem less productive, and maybe that’s true, but if it guarantees you are getting things done that you would normally avoid, its an obvious choice. Getting the important, intimidating, or complicated things completed means an increase in productivity. Just take a moment and imagine how this solution minded approach could transform the next month of your life by allowing you to tackle the real priorities in your life, your job, your family.

A bonus tip:

I remember when I stumbled upon the concept of the vital 5 out of sheer determination to stop procrastinating. I had some crucial projects to finish for my business that were becoming more and more painful to think about. I normally draft a to-do list to get organized, but this time I made a different type of list. I wrote at the top of an index card “I’m not working on___” and then I wrote out the three things I had been putting off. Doing this made me realize I was afraid to work on them and that I didn’t know where to start- that’s why I was putting them off. Making a list like this helped me get honest and focused. I made up my mind I would finish those tasks come hell or high water.

It taught me an important lesson:

When projects look intimidating the key is to find out how to make them appear more do-able to you. 

Don’t spend any more time in the wallows of anxiety about projects, tasks, and chores. Get clear on the 3-5 most vital things, and prioritize those. Do this everyday and transform yourself, your business, your family, and your dreams!