Most of us are getting enough energy from the foods we are eating, but are we getting enough nutrients?

Foods that can be fished from the sea, plucked from the ground, or hunted down and cooked are the most nutritious for humans, not “foods” that come out of factories that sit on shelves for over a week.

Many times we trade quality for convenience.


Well today I’m going to do you one better by showing you how to have a high quality meal that is convenient for a busy lifestyle. You’re going to blend together several fresh & raw ingredients that will supply the cells of your body with the nutrients they need on a daily basis. This smoothie is high in protein and carbs which will get your metabolism up and running as you’re starting your day.

If you commonly skip breakfast I challenge you to try this out and stick with it.

If you are like me and have a hard time eating enough greens and veggies, this will be a game changer in your nutritional agenda.

“Metabolic Blast” ingredients:

  • Milk
  • Protein Powder
  • Greens
  • Berries
  • Bananas



“Metabolic Blast” Breakfast Smoothie

Recipe and directions:

  1. Preparations: You can freeze the fruit overnight and have the greens already chopped and portioned a couple days in advance. This makes it even easier first thing in the morning.
  2. The first thing in the blender is 1 cup of milk. This is so the other ingredients don’t cake up in your blender.
  3. Throw in the rest of your ingredients.
    1. A single scoop of protein (should be about 20g of protein per serving)
    2. Greens (50g of kale + 50g spinach) This is about 1 cup of each. Serving sizes vary.
    3. Fruit (100g of blueberries + 100g banana) About 3/4 cup of each.

Just some things to note: It would be fine to use just one type of leafy green. If you choose just kale you wouldn’t need more than 67g. As for the fresh fruit keep in mind the sugar content, too much of it probably won’t help your fitness goals, so don’t go beyond 60-70g of sugar in this smoothie.

 “The fat from milk is needed in this smoothie for your body to assimilate the nutrients in the fruits and veggies”

Many times yogurt, juice, water or ice is used in smoothies, but I recommend milk because of the fat content of milk. Thankfully society is opening back up to the idea of having fat as a regular part of their diet. Is the “low fat trend” of the 90’s finally loosing gumption?

I used vanilla flavored almond milk in the video, but using a normal milk would be perfectly fine and perhaps ideal. The fat from milk is needed in this smoothie for your body to assimilate the nutrients in the fruits and veggies. The greens are packed with Vitamin A & K which are fat soluble. If you had no fat in the smoothie it wouldn’t matter how much vitamin A & K is in there,  you wouldn’t benefit from it.

Plastic measuring scoop of white powder (whey protein) against grunge wood background

Why is protein so important?


Protein is not just for building the muscles that move your skeleton around and giving your body an athletic form. Dietary protein adds strength to your bones, teeth, and skin. Every cell in your body uses proteins. The actual digestion of protein is thermogenic, i.e. calories are burned digesting proteins.

If you prefer foods from plant based sources then use a protein powder blend– meaning it has multiple plant sources. This ensures that the powder has all 9 essential amino acids. Garden of Life, Sun Warrior, and Vega are common brands. Don’t use a protein powder from just one plant source, e.g. “Pea Protein”, “Hemp Protein”.

Like I said in the video, I prefer a whey protein powder. A “Whey concentrate” for $35-50 that provides 40-70 servings will usually be just fine for your body. A “whey concentrate” is not the most highly filtered protein powder, but this actually means you are still getting a lot of other nutrients from milk that remain in the protein powder. A product that has undergone more processing, like a whey isolate, would be lacking these other residual nutrients, and therefore a higher percentage of whats in the scoop is straight protein. If you are sensitive to lactose you can find a more highly filtered whey protein, or use a plant based product.

What’s the deal with kale?

Have you ever asked why kale is so popular lately? Well first of all the fitness and natural foods industries run in fads and trends. Saying this or that is the new miracle product. Whether you eat kale, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, or spinach, I don’t care- but just east your veggies.



Blending your greens up in a smoothie is kind of like sneaking in a few servings of greens. The smoothie is so tasty you barely even notice. This is where the berries and banana come into play. They add some sweetness and delicious fruit flavor. Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants which are crucial for health and vitality. Both blueberries and bananas have tons of magnesium, a crucial nutrient to many metabolic functions.

Your 3 new favorite foods:

  • Protein

  • Greens

  • Fresh Fruit

I hope you enjoyed this nutrition download. Being passionate about your health starts with awareness and education. Stay tuned for more quality info on our blog. Start making your smoothies!