She is a person who is busy with work, relationships, and life in general.

She had worked out on her own a little bit but was struggling with managing her time and having enough motivation to stay consistent.

She struggled with consistency.

When Mariane started at Training for Warriors she was looking for something different, something that would really help her.

She wasn’t sure of what exercises to do and how to do them, she didn’t want to workout in front of people at a big gym. On top of that, she lacked the motivation to start something, and nothing was changing.

After feeling weak and tired, and overwhelmed,

   …she made a change.

“I’ve lost almost 10 pounds.

I feel stronger. I can carry my groceries without a problem”

Mariane was attracted to the family vibe at TFW, as well as being able to work in a group of all different levels with an instructor. She considers this type of training to be more personable.

“I can fit on my clothes again. My family and I are eating so much healthier. It’s contagious…I feel better with my self and it helped to improve my relationship with my husband.”

Mariane has improved her health and fitness by leaps and bounds. Not only her body has changed but she is helping her family be healthier and more tight knit.

Mariane’s top  tips that helped her TRANSFORM:

1) Find self motivation to continue going to the classes.

2) Eat healthier, small changes go a long way.

3) Have accountability for your actions.

4) “Have an awesome instructor”

There is a journey ready for you and it’s yours to write. Everyone is on their own path- TFW has the tools in place and a supportive team to help you at every step.

Do you struggle with some of the same things Mariane struggled with? You CAN make that change and TRANSFORM your life also!  CLICK BELOW and learn more about our 28 Day Transformation.