The most difficult part of developing a new habit, like exercising, playing the piano, or writing each day is getting started.

Practicing Piano for 20 minutes each day isn’t difficult, once you actually sit down and start playing it.

Getting started is the tough part.


We are already comfortable doing what we are already doing, (or not doing). We look at the gravity of the entire project instead of breaking it down into bite size pieces.

Here’s some tips to make it easier to get started:


1. Focus on just the first step.

Whether it’s starting your day with a healthy meal or writing one sentence in your journal. Do the first step before you can talk yourself out of it. Make it simple and realistic

* Once you’ve tackled that first step, momentum can get you through to the next and the next.

2. Choose something you enjoy.

For some people it’s more fun and engaging to take a group class with great music and high energy than is working out solo on a treadmill.

Start with what is actually enjoyable. Beginning a new program at the gym from square one might not be as realistic as doing kickboxing, spin class, or getting outdoors.


* If you love it, you’ll be more likely to get started.

3. Do it at home.

If making the drive to a gym is deterring you from taking care of your body, put on a 20 minute YouTube workout from home. The point is to get started even if that means taking small steps.


4. Start easy.

If you want to start yoga, begin with a class for beginners. The advanced class is probably a mistake. Another idea is to limit the amount of time you spend.

* It’s easier to get started if you know it’s only going to take a few minutes.


5. Plan ahead.

If your plan is to go to the gym after dinner, have your gym clothes laid out in the morning. This makes it easier to go workout because you are already taking actions to get there.

* What can you do to make getting started as easy as possible?


6. Team up!

If you have plans with another person, you’ll be far less likely to back out. We wouldn’t want to let someone else down, this keeps us accountable. This is especially helpful if you have to do the activity at another location. It can really help you to get out the door.