Not giving a second thought I sat down in the driver’s seat, buckled my seatbelt, turned the key, and…nothing.
The battery was dead.
Shoot. Now what am I going to do?

But there’s something amazing about car batteries- they can be jumped. I found someone to help me out and we went to work rejuvenating my lifeless battery.

That jumpstart totally changed my day.
Gave me a second chance.
Changing things in our life can get tough, frustrating, taxing. Making changes is uncomfortable. Sometimes we lose our drive to really finish it out.

What we need is a jump start.

A game changer.

Something that we can use to leverage ourselves or our situation to finally make some progress.

I want to give you 4 ideas to help you jump start the changes you want to make. Whether you want to get your diet under control, use your time better, begin a workout program, or just get better sleep, the following tips and tricks will save you time and help you be more purposeful.

It’s kind of an intense quote, right? But isn’t it true? Any change you want to make will require effort: focused and usually uncomfortable effort.

A plan helps you count the real cost of your time, energy, scheduling responsibilities, emotional demands, resources, etc., to visualize how this new idea would play out for you. Before any bricks are laid for a new building, the project is first mapped out in a blueprint.

Planning is the how of your goal.

Preparation is the initial steps of your plan in action. Steps you set up ahead of time that will help you take the bigger actions of the new change, habit, or dream.

For me, preparation makes a huge difference in my daily life. I don’t just schedule my tasks, exercise, and appointments for the next day, I prepare for it by packing my workout clothes, slipping my laptop into my bag, and having a lunch already ready the night before.

Sometimes we don’t take action because we know it will require too much of ourselves than we are willing to apply. The effort needed to do something is called ‘activation energy’. One way to get around this is by lowering the activation energy of the things you want to do.

  • For example if you want to make sure you journal everyday set your notebook and a pen right on top of your pillow after you get out of bed in the morning. In order to get into bed at night you have to address the notebook sitting there.


  • The same applies for working out. Pack your clothes the night before and schedule a time to meet with a trainer or your workout buddy.

Taking account means being aware of the details. Not knowing where we are really at keeps us from moving forward.

  • A friend
  • Food log
  • Neighbor
  • Trainer
  • A calendar

something you can check in with regularly to measure yourself up against your goal/what you said you would do.

I know these 4 tips will help you out. I use them consistently to have more time, eat healthy, and live well. I know that when I don’t use them life is more frustrating and it’s harder to make things happen. I hope you can work smarter, not just harder, with these 4 tips.