What Is Training For Warriors?

Training For Warriors was designed 20 years ago for some of the best combat athletes in the world. It is now a global movement that has 275 locations in over 20 countries. Learn why thousands of people trust their fitness to TFW. It’s time to bring out the warrior within!

What Training For Warriors?

Detailed Warm Ups

Every great workout starts with a great warm up. This is where we come together as a team and set our minds to take on the workout ahead. Expect to break a sweat and get pumped up in our warm up regimen.

Flexibility & Mobility

Stretching and mobility drills will help you function in a full range of motion. Over time our joints get stiff and need to be mobilized so we feel mobile and flexible.


This is where it all begins. Our training program helps you develop a tighter and more stable core. We lift using our core so that participants stay safe and get the most from each workout.

Strength Stability

Meeting the physical demands of life, whether it’s maintaining healthy posture throughout the day, picking up your kids, or carrying equipment, you will gain more strength and power in your body.

Metabolic Conditioning

Improving your metabolism so your body can be in a fat burning mode while feeling like you have more stamina, endurance, and overall vigor. Metabolic Conditioning is necessary to maintaining a healthy body composition and breaking through plateaus. These workouts make you feel great as your body releases endorphins.

Speak To A Coach

Group Classes

  • Our Most popular membership
  • Personal attention
  • High Energy, team environment
  • Access to private Facebook Group

Personal Training

  • Private environment
  • Perfectly tailored workouts
  • Custom workout times
  • Accountability from coaches

Areas of Focus

A cutting edge strength training routine that increases overall strength, builds lean muscle, and burns fat in the process. This program is designed to challenge you to get stronger, while keeping you safe. Your safety is our priority. We make sure you move with correct form and educate you on the exercises you need. A proper strength training routine is essential for long term fat loss and a healthy lifestyle
Our cardio classes are designed to challenge your metabolic systems so they become more efficient and help you burn fat. We use a variety of equipment in our cardio classes such as medicine balls, dumbbells, resistance bands, ropes, and our own bodyweight to give you a fun and effective way to torch body fat.
A variety of exercises that focus on both building muscle and burning fat. These workouts are similar to ‘boot camp’ style workouts.
Our signature FAT BURNING WORKOUT!!! Science shows that high intensity interval training is highly effective at burning fat during and long after the workout. This can be more effective than going on a low intensity jog. The HURRICANE uses sprinting to increase your metabolic rate, torch fat, and keep you burning calories even after you’ve left the gym. This exciting change from your regular routine will skyrocket your ability to lose body fat, get mentally tougher, and improve your cardiovascular capacity.
We periodically measure and remeasure your performance to track your progress and keep you moving to the next level in the continuum of physical fitness. These challenges can be tracked in the Warrior Tracker©.

We’ve worked with many different athletes at all levels to move better, be more calculated, and have greater confidence. We help to build accountability and ownership into the athlete’s psyche, helping them realize the importance of their training and lifestyle, and how to tap into their potential. Ask about our one on one, small group, and team performance pricing.